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Faces, we all have them and each one is different. This makes them a fascinating and challenging subject to paint.

Capturing a persons likeness in paint whether on canvas or paper, as been part of the human obsession for centuries. Once only available to the rich and affluent, now anyone is able to have a portrait of themselves painted.

Join me on my quest to discover what it takes to become a proficient portrait artist. Having been painting now for three years, I have barely scratched the surface to unlocking the potential that watercolour can offer.

This is my story of how I went from never before having held a paintbrush, to now not been able to get through the day unless I put brush to paper.

About the Site

Whilst I am primarily focussing upon portrait painting, I have a passion for all forms of art and I often paint other subjects in watercolour. I have never had any kind of art education and I rely solely on that which can be self-taught and information passed on to me by other artists.

About Me

I find that through art I am able to express myself and use watercolour painting as a way to release pent up emotions, that may otherwise remain within me. I enjoy viewing the art of others as well as creating my own works as I try to find my own style and ways of interpreting the people and objects that surround me.

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Maurice Prendergast 1858 – 1924

Maurice Prendergast, was an American Post-Impressionist artist who worked in oil, watercolour, and monotype. He exhibited as a member of The Eight, though the delicacy of his compositions and mosaic-like beauty of his style differed from the artistic intentions and philosophy of the group. Maurice Prendergast and his twin sister, Lucy, were born at their family’s …


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