Why Portraits?

Whilst I haven’t been painting for all that long, the last three years have taught me so much about how watercolour behaves and in most circumstances how unpredictable a medium it can be. It is this challenging behaviour that has kept me coming back to watercolour painting time and time again.

In the first two years of painting, the failures far outweighed the successes. But now in this third year love affair that I find myself in with watercolour, I am starting to find the successes are becoming ever more frequent.

So with this added boost in confidence I decided that maybe I should choose a speciality to try and hone in on and focus my attention. The choice of subjects available to any artist is endless from Landscapes to Abstracts. But I found that I was getting far more pleasure from portrait painting than all of the other subjects I had tried.

For me portrait painting is a never ending challenge, we all have faces and each one is different and outstandingly beautiful in its own unique way. I find that achieving anything close to a likeness can be so rewarding albeit at the level I am at right now, true likenesses are few and far between.

This is my journey, during which I will share with you my successes and failures, my moments of inspiration and my moments of utter despair. As I strive to become a better and more accomplished watercolour portrait painter.



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