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Alizarin Portal has recently undergone a huge overall. Everything has changed, including the purpose of the site. I loved writing everything I have shared with you in the past, but things change and I feel that in order for me to adapt and grow as an individual, I must reflect my changes within this site.

That is why I am dedicating my time and energy into making Alizarin Portal a site that is all about portraits and watercolours. I have recently fallen in love with portraiture and whilst I am not very good at it yet, I hope that by sharing my successes and failures through the site, I may evolve into a decent portrait painter. I will never be the next Rembrandt, but then again I don’t really want to be. As long as I am enjoying the subjects I am painting and showing tiny signs of improving then that is all that I can ask of myself.

I would love to have you accompany me on this journey of discovery and enlightenment. Not only will I be talking about my own findings and learnings in art, I will also be investigating how the masters of old became such prolific painters. Not forgetting of course the masses of brilliant artists around today, both amateur and professional, all have knowledge that I am desperate to learn about and share with you.

So please add the site to your bookmarks, follow me on social media and drop me a line in the comments below each post to let me know of your journey into the art world, whether you are just starting out, or have been painting for years. I would love to hear from you.

Please browse the site at your leisure (there is lots to see). And keep popping back because I will be posting articles on a regular basis and updating the galleries too.

Thanks for stopping by!


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