Albrecht Durer 1471 – 1528

Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany. Considered to be one of the greatest high renaissance artists, he apprenticed at the tender age of 15, he showed unusual precocity as a draughtsman, and painted a portrait of his father as early as 1490.

He produced a number of self portraits his most famous shows him holding a thistle and was painted in 1493, the year of his engagement to Agnes Frey.  Durer was a man of deep religious conviction, who became an ardent follower of the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther.

Not only was Albrecht Durer, a proficient portrait painter. He excelled in many, many areas of his painting life. Notably remembered for his religious paintings as well as his brilliant paintings of animals.

Albrecht Durer’s name has now become part of the Faber Castell range of watercolour pencils. So even to this day his name is synonymous with art and the creation of new art by budding artists the world over.

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