Creativity in the form of written word

Creativity can take all manner of forms, from painting to creative writings.  I have been lucky enough to engage online with someone who does both of these things really well.

Through the website I have met a lot of talented people from all corners of the globe. That is where I first spoke to Judy, a watercolour artist from Florida, U.S.A.

I was intrigued to learn that Judy, alongside her husband Pete. Have published not one but three Crime novels between them. Judy as also published children’s books and she is hoping to publish a new children’s book in which she will also do all the illustrations, thus linking her watercolour with her writing.

The three crime novels are based around a central character, Lucas Holt a private investigator.  And the books are full of plot twists and turns to keep you guessing and making each one a “hard to put down” experience.

The three books are readily available from Amazon in both paperback and digitally via Kindle. I have personally read book one and can recommend the books to anyone who enjoys a good read.

Judy has her own website which gives you a detailed insight into the books and has interesting interviews with Judy and Pete. If you are interested in finding out more about these great books, there are also sneak peaks available on the website.

Be sure to add and follow Judy and Pete on their social media accounts (links are available on their website) to ensure you are amongst the first to hear about new releases. I do know that they are currently writing the fourth book in the series and I for one cannot wait.


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