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I have been fortunate enough, through the medium of art. To make friends with some very talented artists. Most of these connections have been made via the watercolour website Purewatercolour.com

So I thought it would be nice to feature a selection of the artists from that site, to showcase the talent and individuality that is achievable in watercolour painting.

Todays featured artist is FionaF and Fiona uses watercolour to express the emotions and characteristics of the subject she paints. I asked Fiona a few questions regarding her art work and below is a transcript of that conversation:

Do you have a favourite artist from the past?

My Favourite artist from the past is Gustave Caillebotte. He was an impressionist, but painted far more realistically than most. The atmosphere he managed to get in his paintings was wonderful. I’m also very fond of Monet – the colour, the looseness, his obvious love of life.

Roughly how long have you painted portraits?

I have only been painting for 4 years, and did my first portrait about 9 months ago. I was always afraid to try, but once I did, I found it so much easier than I had imagined.

What other types of painting do you like to paint?

I love landscapes – especially Fall and Winter scenes. Spring & Summer are harder to me, as I find that greens are the most difficult to make look natural.

Which two colours would you choose to paint with if you had too select two?

I would choose Payne’s Grey and Prussian Blue.

Do you have a preference of subject when you paint a portrait?

I like faces to be full of character and interest and life well lived. Don’t like the pretty, bland faces. I also like to paint the faces of people I admire.

Would you say then that emotion and character play more of a role in your art than realism?

I think that would be true – I have to really like something in order to paint it, but dislike too much detail. Would prefer the viewer to fill in the gaps!

Do you have any advice for some one starting out in portraiture?

Try just drawing the faces first. Do pages of eyes, pages of noses, etc. Once you feel comfortable with your drawing, I would highly recommend following Robert’s step by step guide on how to paint a portrait, although I’m not as patient as he and don’t wait around for washes to dry, etc.

Do you have an example you can share with us of a portrait you painted and the reasons behind the way you painted it?

The first portrait I tried was Sadhu – and I am therefore quite attached to it! It’s only really in the last three months that I have done most of my portraits.



But I was very pleased with my Robert Downey Jr. portrait. Although he has a beautiful face, with soulful eyes, he has lived through more than most, and it shows in his eyes.


Many thanks to Fiona for giving us this brilliant insight into her portraits and art. Below is a gallery featuring Fiona’s portraits:


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