Portraits – Not Just for Humans

Recently I have undertaken a challenge that was set on the Purewatercolour.com website, in which the subject was “animals on an African safari”.

I had never really tried to draw or paint animals before, so the whole experience was purely about learning and expanding my painting horizons. Admittedly the first few efforts were really poor and were swiftly deposited into the bin. But as the days ticked by I began to relax and the whole process seemed to become a little easier.

I decided to focus on the animals faces and treat them all as portraits, as soon as I found myself in this mindset the pressure was lifted and I began to enjoy each new animal face. For the most part I did a simple tonal sketch first and then tackled the portrait in either Graphite and Charcoal or Watercolour.

Below is a gallery of the results from this challenge :

There is still a long way to go on my watercolour journey, but I can see progress in my work and to me that is the most important thing. There are always lots of challenges happening on Purewatercolour.com so why not pop along and register then you too can join in on the fun and the other members there are so friendly and always willing to give advice or tips on how too improve your work.


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