Alizarin Portal’s Challenge Central Expansion

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to a brand new expansion site that has been added to Alizarin Portal.

Challenge Central is a challenge based site with the impetus been placed upon challenging you to improve your art. There are many different challenges planned that will both test your painting skills and allow you to identify areas of your repertoire that may need improving.

There are a variety of challenges happening all the time, a weekly image challenge that not only challenges you to paint an impression of a photographic image, but with a new format added. Now challenges you to paint certain images under varying constraints, such as time limits, stroke limits etc.

There are larger more involved challenges running on a monthly basis, that generally focus on one particular aspect or genre of painting. These monthly challenges are a great way to motivate yourself to paint more often and give you all the reference images, to make the motivation just that little bit easier.

So why not come along and see what the site has to offer the artist within you? Registration is simple, you just need an email address and password and you are all set to join in the fun. The site can be accessed via the link below:

Click here to visit Challenge Central now.

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