We would love to welcome you into our online community, whether you are a budding artist or maybe just someone whom likes viewing art. There is lots to see and do on Challenge Central. We currently have members from all over the world and we all help each other and give each other the encouragement and support every artists needs in order to succeed.

There are lots of different challenges that run weekly, monthly and quarterly. So there will always be something to tickle your artistic fancy or give you that little boost of inspiration to help you along your way. Completed paintings and works in progress are uploaded directly to the site and we all comment on each others work and lend an helping hand to anyone that is struggling with any aspect of their art.

Don’t worry if you are not in the mood to take on one of the challenges, we have a great chatroom facility on site where members can relax and swap ideas, give each other tips and just generally have a good old natter! All in the knowledge that the chat room is a safe environment that is monitored and only accessible to online members.

We also have a huge photo reference library on site, where members can submit any photo that they wish to share with the community to inspire others in their artistic ventures. We cater for all medium types and go to great lengths to ensure that the images used in each of the challenges are suitable for a wide range of mediums, so no matter what your choice of medium you can be sure there is something on site that suits you and all images are licence free so no copywrite worries!