What better place to start than at the beginning, so that’s where we will begin.

I first picked up a watercolour brush in 2015 having had no interest in art previously. I was of the opinion that it cant be that difficult to paint a nice scene. Oh how wrong I was!

In the beginning I had the very basic of equipment and paper, the kind of set up that most people were probably given to play around with as a child.  Costing very little money and boasting an array of colours that I didn’t even know existed, my first palette was to say the least appalling! But regardless of this and the fact that I was still sure that I knew what I was doing, I began to paint!

Fast forward to September 2015 and I found a website that offered free tuition videos and a forum to find the help and critiquing for the work I was producing . The first painting I ever uploaded to www.purewatercolour.com was dire but at the time I thought it was the bees knees!

It was soon pointed out to me that what I had produced was lacking skill in so many areas. So this is where my journey began! I set about listening to the advice that was been given to me by my peers and trying to build on this and add it to my paintings.

Over time I began to learn the basics of watercolour painting and how to manipulate the paint so that it did something close to what I wanted it too do.  It wasn’t easy, in fact it never really gets easier, which is what I love about watercolour.

January 2016 saw a new kind of challenge in the form of a month long “watercolour challenge” hosted on the Purewatercolour.com website by Patrick Ley- Greaves the website owner. He chose to paint portraits for a whole month, a subject that he had never really tried in his career as an artist and a subject that scared him. It was this show of courage and learning that prompted me to try portraits for the very first time. Below are the first attempts at this from myself, they barely look human and the proportions are no where near what they should be. To be honest it was a miracle that I managed to get the eyes, nose and mouth in the right place!!


I knew that if i was to pursue portraiture in any shape or form, it was going to be a long uphill struggle to achieve even the slightest of likenesses. Little did I know then just how steep this learning curve would turn out too be………..