As you will of seen painting a portrait is far from easy, getting a likeness in a portrait makes the task seem impossible at times. The tiniest of errors on one of the facial features can throw the whole portrait out and end up looking nothing like the intended target.

Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Brow line, Chin and the list goes on and on. All factors that have to be taken into consideration when planning a portrait and each element that goes to make up a face can take so long to master as everyone is different and that is the charm and attraction to me, of portraiture.

Below are some more recent portraits that show my progression in this journey I am on. There are a few here that I am particularly proud of, mainly because they were my epiphany moments when it dawned on me what or where I was going wrong.


I am still miles away from becoming a proficient portrait painter, but It is my hope that If I keep at it and keep trying, one day I might just make the leap from novice to mediocre and then who knows, the sky is the limit as they say!

If you are reading this and thinking, I’d love to try painting a portrait! Well my advice to you would be, do it! You have seen my journey so far and I am pretty sure that anything you produce will be better than the paintings I was and still am producing. So take the plunge and have a go, you may very well have the next Mona Lisa inside you waiting to be unleashed! (if you do and it sells for millions, I have always liked Ferraris!).